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SMS - Text Messages from WiredContact

Send 1 or 1,000,000 messages with ease and when conditions alter.

Simply create your lookup of records and send the message in the same easy way you send mass emails and paper based mailshots.

Our system offers a number of options.

Would you like to be able to SMS your clients when the order is being processed, being packed, being shipped and just before it is delivered? WiredContact can automatically check to see if an event has happened or is scheduled to happen and send an SMS message to the records involved.

SMS Messaging from CRM has for a long time been available but the systems were usually far too expensive for the SME sector. today you could have the ability to engage with clients using SMS messaging for a lot less cost than you expected.

Messages can contain a URL to take your customers to a self service portal or their reply could be received back into your CRM system, you can also send a series of SMS Messages to your customers at anytime a condition is true such as an account is overdue or about to become due.

WiredContact can usually integrate with your existing data sources such as accounts, stock, booking systems and more to ensure you present a professional front you your clients. Call us for details.