What does CRM stand for

What does CRM stand for? CRM stands for "Customer Relationship Management" sometimes called Customer relations Management.

What are the benefits of a CRM system?

In your private life, if you need to organise a Wedding or a funeral you need to get a message to family and friends quickly. The home address book works well and your mobile phone lets you send a text message to everyone.

A well defined CRM system will maximize business values & reduce operating costs. You should expect a significant impact on profitability as well as increases in customer retention rates.

Our team will help you define what CRM means for your Company and help you set clear objectives. Whilst you will know how best to deliver a positive experience for your Clients, it is only when you understand your service delivery process and what elements are important for that delivery that you will be able to deploy a CRM system to support each process.

We will help you define a list of essentials and some "nice to have" features at an early stage.

In business, the lifeblood of your "pipeline" is being able to deliver your goods and service in a timely and appropriate manner on demand or when it's likely to be well received. Selling Christmas cards in March to the public may not be the best timing but about 12th of the population will be interested in Birthday cards. By capturing some detail about your potential customer early in the engagement cycle your system can best support your growth.

A good CRM system works the way you work and emulates the best features of your engagement process. Within your team there will be different levels of relationship with your customers and suppliers, as the relationship grows so does the ability to engage using your CRM system.

Types of CRM system

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